Saturday, June 15, 2013


So I started making Youtube videos a couple months ago, and have made some videos involving fashion and beauty. My Youtube channel, however, is a bit of a mix of different things, so I thought I'd make a blog to have a more focused place for all things beauty and fashion. For my first post, I think I'll update you on what I've done so far. Here is my first Youtube video involving fashion and beauty: 

Spring Haul

I then did a video reviewing some Lush products, including Lush's Herbalism, Tea Tree Water, and Cupcake Mask. 

Lush Haul/Review

Next, I did a beauty haul consisting of products from Mac, Sephora and Target. 

Beauty Haul/Review 

And although I am still building my collection, I did a makeup collection video. 

Makeup Collection

From this point, I will be putting up reviews of products here, and also doing some fashion posts, such as outfits of the day. 

Keep your eyes open!


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