Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Review: Urban Decay B6 Prep Spray

This spray may seem a little unnecessary. Who said I need to spray my face with vitamins? Is that a thing? I'd never heard of such a thing. But it's supposed to minimize pores, reduce redness and overall, be good for your skin. Plus, it has salicylic acid in it, which if you have acne prone skin like me, you know this is a great ingredient to keep breakouts under control. 

I purchased this spray right when it was released this summer, mostly because I was going through the worst breakout of my life. No, I'm not exaggerating. I had hopes for everything and anything new I tried. This product seemed so different than anything else, and I hoped this would add to my skincare routine and quicken the healing process. 

However, it really didn't seem to make a difference at all. I mean, it felt nice and cooling on the skin, and it did seem to reduce redness a bit. But for some reason, the spray started to dry out my skin. I was already packing on the acne products, but my moisturizer had been keeping my skin from drying out. Once I started using this, my face developed dry patches and started cracking. CRACKING. Not good. And from a product that claims to "refresh" your skin. Definitely, not good. Refresh means to revitalize and strengthen. When I think "refresh," I think of moisture and hydration--like beach waves crashing up against the shore, not the cracking of desert sands. 

Now that my skin is back to normal, I decided to give this another shot. Again, I was left unimpressed. It still feels nice and reduces some redness, but is that worth $33? In the beginning of this review, I said this seemed unnecessary. And it definitely, definitely is. 


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