Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Review: Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer

If you have any imperfections to hide, from redness to spots, then finding the right concealer is a must. I've tried so many in my time as a makeup enthusiast. I've been disappointed by many, while others have actually managed to impress me. The Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer is one that has done the latter. 

The formula is very smooth and creamy, so it blends like a dream. No thick, heavy feeling here! I use my real techniques contour brush to blend it in and it gives a flawless, full coverage finish. That's right. Full coverage, just like the name says. 

One thing I would like to note is that it dries fairly quickly. So dab it onto a spot and blend it in right away. Don't dab it on all the spots and then try blending them one after another. Some of the spots will have already dried, and believe me, a dab of concealer dried to your face is not a nice look. 

I would also recommend a brush instead of fingers to blend this baby in. Patting the product in with fingers, while may give a heavier coverage, tends to make the product look a bit caked on. A brush gives a more natural, full coverage finish. 

If you're looking for a good concealer and haven't seemed to find the one yet, definitely give this one a try! You can find the Make Up For Ever Full Coverage Concealer at Ulta and Sephora for about $32. 

Let me know what you think!
- Erica

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